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Richard Lucas

Much of Richard's writing effort goes into live storytelling shows or his characters such as The 1930s Boy Scout Troop Leader and dating site poet Dick Picsworth. Those are featured on the COMEDY page.

This page will highlight current active projects or ones in the market.

Bono and The Edge Waiting for Godomino's

A PLAY by Richard Lucas

Bono orders a pizza delivery to get back in touch with the Common Man.

In this parody of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, the script is flipped as Bono, wracked with guilt over his own success and fear of having lost touch with his working class roots, orders a pizza delivery to his castle in the hopes of conversing with the delivery person about living a “real life.” But Bono’s lifelong U2 bandmate, guitarist The Edge, wants no part of his socio-spirtual experiment and rejects any thought of inviting opinions or judgements on his hard-earned rock star life. Both struggle with the possible hypocrisies in their practices versus their policies in a funny and surprisingly deep comedy that skewers celebrity culture, blind faith, and pretentious theater while searching for the meaning of art in a hyper-capitalist society.

Hollywood Fringe Festival Best Comedy Nominee
The Best Fringe Comedy Winner
Encore Producers’ Award Winner


After a successful run with the original cast of Jeff Blumberg (Lucky), Curt Collier (The Edge), Richard Lucas (Bono), and Bruno Oliver (Domingo), the producers are planning a follow-up staging. Theater producers or companies can call 310-497-2752 for more information.  > FULL INFO ON THE PLAY HERE


A COMEDIC MEMOIR by Richard Lucas

The Dog Log begins as a simple complaint about a barking dog, written with wry wit as a desperate, humorous plea for help, but it soon becomes a powerful diary, a self-exploration and confessional. The barking is a touchstone for one man’s personal journey along the funny and philosophical path of his own despair.

It’s a cleverly sneaky memoir of a man who, in Los Angeles - alone and anonymous, at the true end of the "Boulevard of Broken Dreams," inadvertently rediscovers himself through helping his elderly neighbor after she falls, and he reluctantly chooses to tend her two Yorkshire Terriers - whom he’d so despised before. What he discovers in her apartment shocks him into forward movement.
With biting humor and unflinching honesty, The Dog Log: An Accidental Memoir of Yapping Yorkies, Quarreling Neighbors, and the Unlikely Friendships that Saved My Life looks into the abyss of big-city loneliness, heartbreak, and, ultimately, old age, but then - one footstep at a time along the sidewalks of West Hollywood - it climbs into the light. By knocking on his neighbor’s door, one man’s life changes forever. It’s an epic journey of 40 feet... 


Community Access

A SCREENPLAY by Richard Lucas & Brandon Keener and Liz Barnes

A cynical, broke, and hard drinking cable access studio manager in her late 50s is given the impossible task of improving the programs or her station will be shut down.

Before Youtube, there was Community Access - the unfiltered window into the crackpot talents and misfit minds of our communities. Where else could you see a Puppet Parade, then a Cabbage-Painting Tutorial, followed by People Fondue? The shows were taped and broadcast for free, mandated by the FCC to ensure local programming. All a community member had to do was sign up and show up, and they got 28 minutes live-to-tape: no curating, no cutting, no quality control whatsoever. 

To receive complete synopsis and information, please contact:
Liz Barnes:
4116 W. Magnolia Blvd., Suite 211, Burbank, CA 91505

Mr. Somebody

A PLAY by Richard Lucas

A young couple gives up their Hollywood dreams to go back to the small town and build "a life.

Gracie's had enough. It's just not happening in La La Land for her or for her husband, Danny, both struggling actors. With the announcement of a pregnancy, she convinces Danny to give up chasing the dream and go back to her hometown - where Danny still tries to make it big as a vacuum cleaner salesman. 

This play has been through several table readings, and we'll be scheduling a live staged reading very soon!

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Fame & Fortune

A SCREENPLAY by Richard Lucas & Brandon Keener

Two former child stars muster all their former child skills when they're called into a different kind of action to help their disabled, retired-cop uncle foul a murder plot against a mysterious lover from his shady past. 

Timmy Fame and Danny Fortune bungle their way through their uncle's every instruction as Chick Rider stays in retirement to protect the one that got away. He could not have chosen two less worthy proxies, but when it comes to budget, Chick has none. 

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