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THE DOG LOG is Published!


Richard's true story based on his experience with his neighbor and her dogs has been a labor of love (well, mostly...) for over ten years. He's talked about it in standup shows, storytelling shows, and even podcasts through the years. Now it is being published as a fictionalized, comedic memoir, and is available whereever books are sold! See the BUY NOW button in the menu to purchase your copy!

A frustrated man begins a complaint log to the local Sheriff's Dept. about his despised elderly neighbor's barking Yorkshire Terriers, but when she is hospitalized from a fall and no one comes to check on them, he enters their shocking world and comes out a changed man. Based on true events.

It's an epic journey of just 40 feet...

Richard and Lauren will be doing a meet-and-greet signing event at Barnes and Noble / Bookstar Loma Theater in San Diego on November 9th, 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM.

"Bono and The Edge Waiting for Godomino's " featured in the's "LOS ANGELES THEATRE - THE BEST OF 2017"!

"Employing Samuel Beckett’s absurdist play Waiting for Godot, Writer/Director Richard Lucas’ stingingly clever and sharply funny Bono and the Edge Waiting for Godomino’s mocked the absurdity of fame and stardom by transposing Beckett’s two tramps to Bono and David Evans of the rock band U2.  Performed to prickly perfection by Lucas, Curt CollierJeff Blumberg and Bruno Oliver."


Please enjoy this clip of Richard reading at West Hollywood's legendary Book Soup. He's a true performer! Schedule a reading w/ Q&A for your location, library, book club, wine club, or fundraiser today! It's great fun!

Latest Updates and Events!

And be sure to check The Dog Log page for latest interviews and press!

The Dog Log: An Accidental Memoir of Yapping Yorkies, Quarreling Neighbors, and the Unlikely Friendships that Saved My Life by Richard Lucas hits #1 Best Seller status in a category at Amazon

Friends! — We reached a milestone over the weekend as The Dog Log hit #1 Best Seller status in a category at Amazon!

These fluctuate over time, but this was a nice moment for us. We're so grateful that people are enjoying the book, and are perhaps turning to reading during the quarantine. I do hope Lauren, Nelson, Irene, and I are spreading smiles!

You'll see in the second pic that we even bumped Marley & Me! ( least for a moment.) If you've been thinking of getting/gifting the book, please do! And if you have a good rating/review, please post at Amazon and/or B&N because they really help new people discover the book. Thank you so much! Arf! Arf!

Richard Lucas and his comedic memoir, The Dog Log, featured in Dogster Magazine

The Dog Log is featured in DOGSTER Magazine!

From Dogster Magazine, February/March, 2020

"Comedian and playwright Richard Lucas shares the incredible story of how the incessant barking of his neighbor’s dogs drove him into — and then pulled him out of — a miserable phase of his life. He’s tortured in his own home by the constant barking of the Yorkies belonging to his elderly neighbor, Irene (who ignored his pleading). Eventually, the daily stress, along with his struggles to make it in Hollywood and the aftermath of a recent breakup, nearly causes him to have a breakdown. When he sought help from the West Hollywood Sheriff’s department, the solution was to maintain a log of each individual bark for six months. And The Dog Log was born.

It starts as a series of hilarious and curmudgeonly rants, but the story takes quite a turn when an ambulance rushes Irene to the hospital. With nobody to look after the Yorkies, Lucas enters Irene’s home and discovers a hidden life of squalor and two neglected animals. Before long, The Dog Log turns into a diary of self-reflection and transformation. As he works out his issues with the Yorkies, Lucas also works on his own flaws, learning about the joy of helping others and how a change in perspective can transform your life. Published by Chicago Review Press."

Richard Lucas author and Lauren signing The Dog Log books at Barnes and Noble The Grove Los Angeles

Signing books at Barnes & Noble at The Grove in Los Angeles

Lauren & I popped in to sign books at Barnes & Noble Events, The Grove in Los Angeles, and they had only one copy of The Dog Log left! That means all the previously signed copies as well as the order since then have been sold. 😀 They tell me more will arrive in just a few days. ️Arf! Arf!

Richard Lucas in Pacific Coast Dog Rescue Fundraiser and Auction

Pacific Coast Dog Rescue Fundraiser & Auction POSTPONED

Unfortunately, due to the Corona Virus lockdown and importance of social distancing, this show has been postponed. Please stay tuned for updates so we can help this amazing cause!

Richard Lucas in staged reading of Steven Vlasak's play Beautiful Monsterz

Staged Reading of Steven Vlasak’s new work, Beautiful Monsterz, at Theatre Unlimited in North Hollywood, CA

This was a fun afternoon, and, as you can see, Lauren was riveted by the play!

Richard Lucas and his book, The Dog Log, featured in 15 Heartwarming Stories From Around L.A. in 2019

From 15 Heart-Warming Stories From Around L.A. in 2019

The Dog Log made a list that includes Tom Hanks, Harry Styles, Marie Kondo, and Keanu Reeves! Thank you,!

The Dog Log by Richard Lucas recommended by Tails and Toys!

10 Pet Books That Make Great Gifts

Thank you,, for this awesome recommendation!

Richard Lucas signing The Dog Log at Barnes and Noble Americana Glendale

Signing books at the beautiful Barnes & Noble at The Americana in Glendale, CA!

Happy holidays to Gabriel and the entire staff!!

Richard Lucas' The Dog Log featured in Bay Woof Magazine's list of Dog Books for Everyone in 2019!

Lauren and I stopped in to sign books at the famous Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena, CA!

They were all sold out but one copy! 😀 What a beautiful store! The staff was wonderful, and we’re happy to say that it was packed with happy holiday shoppers!

Richard Lucas' The Dog Log featured in Bay Woof Magazine's list of Dog Books for Everyone in 2019!

The Dog Log featured in Bay Woof Magazine's list of Dog Books for Everyone in 2019!!

We're honored to be among a group of such fun and informative dog book titles!

Richard Lucas, author of comedic memoir The Dog Log from Chicago Review Press

BOOK EVENT at Barnes & Noble / Bookstar Loma Theater, San Diego!

San Diego, CA - Nov. 9th 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM - Come on out, San Diego, for a fun afternoon meet and greet with Richard and Lauren!

Signing books at Barnes & Noble / Bookstar in Studio City, CA

Richard and Lauren stopped in at to sign some copies of The Dog Log! Thanks to Trey and the staff for being so great!

Reading and Discussion of The Dog Log in Sacramento, CA

Just announced: Richard will be doing a BOOK EVENT - at J.J. Pfister Distilling Co., 9819 Business Park Dr, Sacramento, CA 95827, sponsored by The California Capital Film Office. Date in 2020 TBA. More details coming soon.

Singing books at Barnes & Noble at The Grove!

Richard and Lauren stopped in in Los Angeles to sign some copies of The Dog Log! Thanks to Jeff and the staff for being so awesome!

Critically acclaimed The Dog Log by Richard Lucas now in libraries nationwide!

The Dog Log is barking its way into PUBLIC LIBRARIES!

All over the world! From Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA to the Louisville, Denver, Seattle, Chicago, Cleveland, Brooklyn, and New York Public Library Systems—from New Zealand to Nigeria to Germany and beyond! Arf! Arf!


You can now special order a personalized, author-signed copy of The Dog Log for family or friends, or for yourself! Go to the > PAYPAL LINK < on the book page to order!


In West Hollywood - Sept. 29th, Noon-3:00 PM - Come on out for a fun afternoon Meet 'n Greet with Treats! Free treats sponsored by Punk -n- Pye's and The Real Meat Company! Plus, Lauren will be there!


In its category at Amazon! :) If you've been thinking of leaving a review, please do! The stars and recommendations really help others to find the book!


Tuesday, Sept. 10th - 7:00PM - famed L.A. bookstore Book Soup (Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood) will be hosting a book event for The Dog Log. Lauren will be there, too!


Saturday, Sept. 7th 1:00-3:00 PM - Come on out, San Diego, for a fun afternoon reading and discussion! Plus, Lauren will be there!


Over 1,350 people entered to win one of two advance copies of The Dog Log via Chicago Review Press!

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