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After some years laying low, Richard is back playing gigs for fun & frolic.

Covers of full albums, a few originals, and a couple beers

At this point in his music career, it's all casual. When Richard decided to play again for fun, he chose to do it by diving deeply into the albums that he loves and deconstucting them down to the bare essence - just basic guitar and vocal. In his first show at a small, cozy wine and cheese bar in Studio City, he featured Radiohead's OK COMPUTER and Neil Young's RUST NEVER SLEEPS. Since then, he's covered Bruce Springsteen, Counting Crows, U2, and Johnny Cash. - Many more to come! 

L.A. Never Dies

The re-issue of Richard's album from back in the day is here!

Richard moved to L.A. with dreams of hitting is big as a singer/songwriter. After two demos, Your Head's a Gun and Tales of Unrest, and many gigs around town, he recorded L.A. Never Dies, produced by Doug Lacy of Oingo Boingo. Lucas was teaching English at Crenshaw High by day and gigging at clubs at night. Those were the days! 

After many years pursuing interests outside of the business, Richard has come back to playing, but now for fun - no stakes. Inspired by a the gift of a Martin guitar left to him by good friend singer-songwriter Mark Josephs after he passed away too young from cancer, Richard vowed not to let time go by without doing what he loves the most - playing music. 

Late on a rainy night in L.A...

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